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FLUXUS G608 CA Energy

产品编号:FLUXUS G608 CA Energy

产品描述:For Compressed Air and Thermal Energy metering in hazardous areas


For Compressed Air and Thermal Energy metering in hazardous areas

Portable flow measurement of Compressed Air and Thermal Energy in hazardous areas

The FLUXUS G608 CA Energy is the ideal tool for carrying out complete energy efficiency tasks (e.g. according to DIN ISO 50001 standards) within hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 1/2 and FM Class I, Div.2 approval) by allowing the measurement of compressed air flow rates as well as the monitoring of thermal energy quantities and the flow rate determination of any kind of liquid or gaseous media with just one device.

It is engineered to survey whole compressed air infrastructures, balancing the facilities, measuring on nearly every individual leg, determining the efficiency of compressors and last, not least, quantify and localise leakages.

It measures at gas / compressed air filled pipes with an inner diameter of DN6 up to DN2100 and from 3 bar pressurisation upwards (for plastic pipes measurements can be undertaken at atmospheric pressure and below) by applying FLEXIM's proven transit-time correlation technique. Special ultrasonic Lamb and shear wave transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe, thus no cutting into the pipe or process interruption is required for installation - especially a benefit for facilities where pipes can't be depressurizes easily. It also means, that the flow meter can never be a potential source for leakages itself - a problem that conventional flow meters technologies are often facing!

Moreover, as the G608 CA Energy flow meter is highly mobile and flexible, it can be used nearly anywhere  - punctual measurements at the same spot every time are thus a thing of the past.

The FLUXUS G608 CA Energy not only offers the flow measurement of compressed air, but also the quantification of thermal energy streams at heating or cooling plants - thus being the ideal tool for tapping into energy saving potentials.

Its accuracy and reliability is unrivaled - not only because of the carefully matched and paired 4-Wire PT100/1000 temperature probes or the enthalpy curves that are programmed into the transmitter.

The FLUXUS G608 CA Energy flow meter offers maximum flexibility

As all of FLEXIM's portable flow meters, the G608 CA Energy's ergonomic design offers simple handling and maximum ease of use. Its internal Li-Ion battery allows for up to 14 hours of autonomous measurement. Algorithms such as the correction of pipe wall echoes and transducer positioning errors ensure reliable and accurate measurement even in the most demanding application conditions.

Temporary Flow Measurement of Compressed Air, Gases, Liquids and Heat Flow Rates


  • Non-invasive measurement for precise bi-directional, highly dynamic pressurized air, gas and liquid flows
  • Ideal for inner pipe diameters ranging form DN50 to DN300 and pressures from 5 bar upwards (at plastic pipes at 1 bar)
  • Portable, easy-to-use flow transmitter with 2 flow channels, multiple inputs/outputs and an integrated data logger with a serial interface 
  • Automatic loading of calibration data and transducer detection reducing set-up times and providing precise, long-term stable results
  • Li-Ion battery providing up to 14 hours of measurement operation
  • Proven clamp-on technology, transducers resistant to dust and humidity
  • Probe for wall thickness measurement available
  • QuickFix for fast mounting of the flow transmitter in difficult conditions 


  • 化学工业
    • 基础设施和原料流
(体积流量)   ± 1...3 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
重复性            0.15 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
流速范围         0.01...35 m/s, depending on pipe diameter
防区发射机      ATEX/IECEx Zone 2
供电电源         Li-ION 7.2V/6.2Ah Operat. time >25h
可用传感器      Shear wave/Lamb wave
对于防爆区     ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/Zone 2
适用于管道尺寸范围     7mm ... 1100mm
适用于温度范围          -40°C ... +200°C
输出                         2x 4-20mA passive         2x binary
输入                         4x Pt100/Pt1000
数字通信                   ---


For Compressed Air and Thermal Energy metering - FLUXUS G601 CA Energy                  For Compressed Air and Thermal Energy metering in hazardous areas - FLUXUS G608 CA Energy

G601 CA 能量型                                     G608 CA ENERGY